US Freight would like to extend our warmest wishes to everyone. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season!
Please consider US Freight for all of your shipping needs!

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800 number down call 402-731-2141

Hello, sorry about the inconvenience, we changed service from BIRCH COMMUNICATIONS in September and BIRCH has refused to port over our 800 number to our new provider. Until this dispute is corrected please call our 402-731-2141 number. Sorry about the inconvenience!

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Here’s to a new job and a great Spring!

US Freight is hiring owner operators that can run the lanes they prefer. Sign on bonus, mileage and we pay all fuel taxes. There is much more so give us a call at 800-733-0329 for more details.
The lawns are getting green and weather is great. Also great is the freight! Lower fuel and a busy spring have been everyone’s friend, we are hopeful it continues.
And remember, when it warms up the people who have been hibernating all winter are now out and increasing traffic and accident risk. Watch out for them and above all BE SAFE!

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Duty cargo scam- dont fall prey

Some company named stole our webpage and is using their phone number on it (919 area code) they are NOT affiliated with US Freight and are an overseas scam company. Just an FYI, we aren’t looking for employees to accept packages and then re-mail them. Those would be in the too good to be true category. No one is going to pay you for this service unless is it a scam.


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Spring is here!

Its finally starting to look like spring ! Of course that means more 4 wheelers on the road so be careful out there. Continue to be aware that some of those inattentive drivers are a danger to us, as well as themselves.

Warm weather means more scrutiny of equipment. If everyone continues to maintain your equipment you should not have any issues! Operate safely and legally…and maintain your equipment!

Fuel remains steady and high, but freight is moving well and steady.
Be safe out there, and watch out for those who aren’t professional!

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End of year strong finish. New $75000 bond requirement

Hi everyone! Its been a busy few months, Freight has continued to buck the trend on most areas in volume and price. Fuel is staying below the $4 mark and if it goes lower the year will end on a good note!
The FMCSA recently changed the bond requirement from the $10000 to the $75000 amount. While this is a blessing for us carriers, its tough on the brokerages. We are finding many brokers haven’t fulfilled this requirement, and many haven’t indicated when they will.
Everyone be safe out there, watch out for the other ones that aren’t professional. Those people texting, talking on the phone or other distracting behavior.

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Freight across the US has been increasing as are the rates paid. This is a good indicator of the economy. Driver and owner operator shortages still appear to be an issue, but freight is moving well.

The recent DOT safety blitz is well under way, this is good for safety, but it makes you wonder why they need a blitz?
Horror stories abound, but I do know about a truck who was written up for general form and manner on his logs because a 5 looked like a 3….And that number had no impact on his hours of service or driving time…But alas, thats the way it goes. Safe driver, safe equipment, operating legally gets this on his CSA for 24 months.

Once again, lets all be safe out there, watch out for the unsafe drivers!!!

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US Freight has had their phone number posted on a fake website for PROFESSIONAL DELIVERY EXPRESS (P.D.E Logistics). It claims to be a subsidiary of U.S. Freight Transportation but this is untrue. That site uses our phone number and copied most of our site, and uses a Nevada adress. We are in Omaha, Nebraska. It sounds like an identitity theft scam. They are asking for copies of a drivers license and social security cards. Any information on being contacted please let us know. Updates to follow.

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Is Spring finally here??

I think the last snow of ther year is done! Its been an up and down spring. Freight is plentiful and fuel is slowly dropping. Good for trucking and brokerages right now.

Spring is also when DOT really steps up its enforcement efforts. Companies like U.S. Freight have a diligent maintenance program to stay ahead of any issues. We also make sure our drivers are operating in a safe and courteous manner. Shipping freight safely and on time is what U.S. Freight strives for.
Everyone stay safe out there. The nicer weather increases the traffic and the 4 wheel drivers are not professionals. Keep an eye out for any of those drivers!

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A recent ATA report released shows what ive been saying. 80 percent of accidents involving semi trucks are the fault of the car drivers. No matter how professional and safe we are out there, we have to watch out for those persons who are driving distracted or engaging in other activities that are unsafe while driving. Accident reports should reflect this immediately and show who is at fault so the shade of guilty until proven innocent is not cast.

Fuel has continued to rise. No real explanation has been given except an attacked refinery in Africa. Speculators have to run oil up on any news they can find. Freight is busy, but fuel costs pinching margins.

Be safe out there! Watch out for the other cars, you never know what they are going to do.

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